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Refrigeration Service

Is your refrigerator not running as efficiently as it used to? Trust Appliance Geeks for our superior repair services. Our expert technicians specialise in working with Gaggenau, Miele, Liebherr, Sub-Zero, and side-by-side refrigeration systems to ensure that they’re functioning at their best. Regular servicing will decrease wear on components, potentially saving you both time and money in the long run.





Condenser cleaning 

The condenser is the part of a refrigeration system that removes heat from the refrigerant. It is an air-cooled device, so it must have good air circulation. The condenser contains tubes and fins that absorb the heat from the refrigerant flowing through it, causing the refrigerant to evaporate

The first photo shows what our engineer found when he arrived this lack of air flow was making it hard for the condenser to do its job and causing the compressor to run a lot longer to cool the food inside this wouldn't always cause a noticeable problem but once the weather warms up it could cause the compressor to over heat and shut down in some fridges a sign of a blocked condenser would be a warm cabinet after the service the fridge is not having to work quite so hard saving money and causing less wear on components

  • Gaggenau Service

  • Sub Zero Service

  • Miele Service

  • Liebherr Service

  • side by side Service


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